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About Us..

Every Monday morning, for the past 6 years, The Tai Chi Groep Voorschoten has been active in the Bondsgebouw. Mary van der Meyde teaches us a form of Tai Chi based on the 108 movements of Master Moy Lin-shin. The Bondsgebouw with lots of light and space, the exercise and the cozy tea / coffee break ensure that after two hours, we have more energy, feel more balanced and satisfied.

A perfect way to start the week!

Mary van der Meyde

Mary van der Meyde

Mary understands the art of keeping it light. This creates a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Make your body more flexible

Did you know..

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and consists of a balanced interplay between body and mind (rest and concentration).

American scientists agree that Tai Chi offers important benefits in terms of overall fitness.

Tai Chi promotes metabolism and is good for internal organs, joints and circulation.

Improve your immune system

Whoever practices Tai Chi twice a day, becomes as agile as a cat, as healthy as a lumberjack and as wise as a philosopher

We are looking forward to welcome you!

There is still room in our beautiful space where you can join the weekly exercises. Beginner or pro? It doesn’t matter. Everybody is welcome!

Not entirely sure? Pay us a visit and perhaps even join us in exercise to get acquainted, without any obligation.

This is possible, every Monday morning from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. (except on public holidays)

Tai Chi Group Voorschoten likes to keep it simple. A membership is not required.

Again, we are looking forward to welcome you every monday morning!!

Only € 7 a week + € 1 for coffee or tea

Improve your balans

Any questions? Please contact us!

071-561 3855



06-444 13 180



Bondsgebouw (next to the catholic church)

Leidseweg 100

2251 LG Voorschoten

7 + 6 =


Public transport:

We are within easy reach by public transport. Arriva bus 5 and Connexxion bus 45, Krimwijk stop.

Own transport:

Parking is no problem. There is a large parking lot in front of, and behind the Bond building